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Iberi Co was set up to promote some of the seriously high quality things produced in Spain. Very often we hear about products and produce from other European countries, but Spain has products and ingredients of unrivalled quality, which is espcially true in the food sector.

Our current focus is on well grown foods / ingredients, and simple things made from them. Naturally this includes the finest quality extra virgin olive oil, but also high quality, environmentally friendly castile soap, which is made from olive oil.

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Almonds, apricots, cherries, peaches, plums and nectarines are all related, so it's no surprise that where one grows well, so will the others. It should also come as little surprise that plants thrive in environments similar to those where they evovled. The aromas, the flavours and colours are all a function of the characterists of the areas they grow and some plants use that sunshine to perfection ...from our perspective, at least

Olive Groves

80% of Europe's olive oil is produced in Spain

Lavender Fields

10% of the world's lavender is grown in Spain

Almond Orchards

Spain is the world's #2 grower of Almonds

Our Inspiration

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When you have quality products this good, it's hard not to be inspired

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Fine Quality Products

We sell a range of products including extra virgin olive oil, castile soap, almonds, oregano, cayenne chillies, lavender flowers and rose petals, all of which are antastic products of bright sunshine.

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